Success Stories

“We thought you might enjoy this photo from the Chin baby outing at the zoo! We enjoyed the event, and it was fun to get to show off our girls to all of you – without the group they would not be here, and for that we are extremely grateful! Thanks again for all of your help!”
Matt Helen

“Thank you so much for the beautiful baby gift. I don’t know how to put into words the gratitude & love we have for you & your staff. Even though we weren’t a patient of yours for this pregnancy you made us feel a part of your “family.” You are one of the most kind and compassionate doctors I have ever met. Your staff are wonderful. We are truly blessed to have met you & have our beautiful angel this Christmas. She truly is a miracle and gift from God.”

Michelle & Jason

“Words cannot express the gratitude and respect we have for each of you! Thank you so much for helping us bring two little miracles into the world!”
Aaron & Laura

“I can’t thank you enough for everything you did to help me bocome “balanced” enough to have my beautiful baby girl, Elsa! I truly believe you were able to help my body be able to respond to Dr. Scheiber’s work. Without your help I do not think my Elsa would be here today. You’ll be happy to know that I was calm and actually enjoyed every moment of her delivery. Elsa was born on my 3rd major contraction/set of pushing and it was the best experience of my life! She is a calm and peaceful baby who is happy and absolutely amazing! I’ll have to schedule an appointment soon and bring her with me to meet you!!”


I would like to thank you for helping us in our journey to pregnancy. Everyone treated us like family. We always enjoyed coming in to see you! I only wish all my doctors took the time to know us & treat us like we are important, and not just another patient. Thanks to you we have two beautiful babies! Lily & Jackson were born 6 weeks early, but were healthy enough to stay with us and not in the NICU. I look forward to introducing them to you one day! Thanks so much for everything!”

Maggie & Josh

“Sometimes the miracles we receive are not the ones we wished for, but they are miracles all the same. Dr. Chin delivered the miracle of life to me. That life being my own. Two weeks after my 32nd birthday (and a day after surgery with Dr. Chin), I was diagnosed with uterine cancer. I went through 6 months of treatment to try to save my fertility, but they were unfortunately unsuccessful. On December 8th, 2008, I had a radical hysterectomy. I may not have gotten what I wanted, but I get to wake up every morning and breathe. Good luck to you all & God Bless you Dr. Chin!!!”

Samantha G.

“We met Dr. Chin after suffering five miscarriages and a long list of physicians who did not seem to care about the heartbreak and grief we were experiencing.  With Dr. Chin and his staff we receive caring, compassionate, thorough treatment.  With their help, we gave birth last year to a beautiful baby girl. We just cannot say enough about the superior care we receive from Dr. Chin.  Though we now live in Charlotte, North Carolina, we travel to Cincinnati to receive treatment from him.”

Marianne & Bryan

“I have 1 Chin-baby! She will be 1 on Sunday. We adopted twice and tried before each adoption but I finally got it together and lost the weight, took several sessions of yoga for fertility, had a lap by our most gifted Dr and friend and our first cycle after surgery worked! Sandy did my IUI as Dr. Chin was out of town and my daughter was due on Sandy and Grace’s birthday! I have experienced every form of motherhood but delivering Violet was the single most powerful experience of my life. To push life into the world- I’ll never get over the miracle of it. Thank you to NeeOo and staff for answering God’s call on your lives! XOXOXOXO!”

Bekah D.

“I have TWO Chin-Babies! We began seeing Dr. Chin in March of 2007 after trying for a year and experiencing secondary infertility (we had a daughter in August 2005). I was diagnosed with PCOS, my husband had morphology issues and we never thought we would have another child. After seven total IUI’s, one laparoscopy and one blighted ovum; we conceived two wonderful little boys. They are 13 months old now, full of life and the completion to our family. Thank you, Dr. Chin!!!!”

Amy B.

“Dr. Chin & Staff, Words are not enough to express our gratitude for allowing us to become parents! You and your staff will hold a special place in our heart forever. Thanks again for such a special gift. Todd, Tiffani, Lilian M.”

Todd, Tiffani, and Lilian M.


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