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Thank you for taking the time to visit our Panic Button Page! We know how overwhelming and stressful this process can be for our patients so we like to provide a place for frequently asked questions that cause our patients a lot of extra stress. Please read through this page and if your question isn’t answered here or you still have concerns regarding your care please reach out to the staff. 

I’m pregnant and having bleeding
  1. First thing to clarify is the difference between spotting and bleeding. 
    1. Spotting is usually light pink or brown in color, does not fill a panty liner, usually noticed when wiping in the restroom. 
    2. Bleeding is heavier and requires a pad to absorb the blood, it is usually bright red in color.
  2. If you are having spotting this is very common in first trimester pregnancy especially while taking vaginal Progesterone support. 
    1. We recommend you to rest with feet up, increase fluid intake, and take time off of work. Do not have intercourse, use tampons, or douche at this time. 
    2. Inform the staff of this spotting during business hours.
  3.  If you are experiencing bleeding with cramping, this can also be normal. Please rest for 1 hour and then please call the on call nurses if it has continued so we can assist you further. 
  4. If you are experiencing bleeding more than 1 pad an hour, and/or severe abdominal pain, proceed to the closest emergency room.

 Inform the office after you have been evaluated.

I started menses day 1 for my IUI cycle

Please call the office and leave a voicemail with your name, number, and date of birth stating when cycle day 1 was. We will call you back during office hours to get scheduled and to start medications (if necessary) after your visit. Don’t worry, you can start medications up until cycle day 5.

I started menses day 1 for my IVF cycle

If you have not already discussed your plan with your IVF nurse as to what to do when you start cycle day 1, please call the on call nurses to initiate your plan of care. The number is listed on the IVF voicemail, please call the office and follow the prompts for IVF to be connected. 

I don’t know how to inject or mix my medication

Please reference your Engaged MD modules through your patient portal on ChinBaby.Com or visit If you still have questions about your medication please call the on call nurses for clarification prior to injecting your medication. This number is listed on the IVF voicemail, please call the office and follow the prompts for IVF to be connected.

I ran out of my Synthroid, Metformin, Prenatal Vitamin, Cabergoline

Please call the office during regular office hours or leave a voicemail. We will respond to this request during the next business day. 

I didn’t get my lab results

We apologize for this inconvenience, please call the office during next business hours or leave a voicemail and we will provide you with those results when we return to the office. 

I don’t know if today is cycle day 1

We describe cycle day 1 as your first day of a full flow period. This would mean you require a pad to absorb the blood and not just light spotting or blood only when you wipe after using the restroom. 

I am experiencing constipation while pregnant, taking progesterone, or following my surgery

This is very common. First course of action is to increase your regular water intake as much as you can and add in fiber rich foods. Next step is to add an over the counter stool softener such as Miralax. This can take multiple doses to become effective, if you do not have relief of symptoms please contact the office during office hours so we can discuss an additional plan of care.

I have questions about my test results / embryology report

Please reach out to the medical staff during regular business hours or call the office to leave a voicemail. 

I can’t make my appointment tomorrow

Please reach out to the medical staff during regular business hours or call the office to leave a voicemail.


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